7 Hostel Email Templates [ + Real Examples ]

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On October 4th, 2021, the world (kind of) froze. That day for 7 hours, many of us needed to use the phone option from smartphones instead of communicating with friends, family, or coworkers via chat (I know – yikes!).

That’s because there was a worldwide Facebook blackout, and Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp stopped working.

Suppose your hostel has a website – good for you. These 7 hours were proof that relying only on social media for your marketing and guest communication is not the most brilliant move. That’s because social media is something out of your control.

On the other hand – communicating through emails with your guests and email marketing doesn’t depend on whimsical algorithms. And it can become much more effective in increasing reservations (if done right) than social media.


How important is email marketing for hostels and hotels?


It’s critical! You can use many different types of email templates to engage with your guests. Here are seven examples of hostel email templates, each one designed to meet a different goal.


#1 – Booking Confirmation


This hostel email template confirms the guest booking. You should send it immediately after the guest makes a reservation. If your guest booked via OTA, I would recommend not sending this email as they receive confirmation from the third-party website – you want to avoid causing your future guests to feel like you’re spamming them. Instead, start with the welcome email (example #2).


Hi {first name},

Thank you for booking with {name of your hostel/hotel}. Below you will find details of your reservation:


Type of room:

Total cost:

See you soon,

Hostel Team


Check out the booking re-confirmation from Hotel Drisco below, which they send a few days before the arrival day:



#2 – Welcome Email


This template greets the guest and offers them an option to upgrade their room, add breakfast, or receive discounts on future stays. You should only send this type of welcome email if you can offer upgrades or provide discounts in the near future; otherwise, it will just come across as spammy. 

Don’t forget to include important information, like reception hours, check-in & out times, etc.

What’s more, if you want to make this extra email special, you can write it not from the hostel team but as a welcome letter from the general manager of your hostel.

Hi {first name},

Our team at {name of the hostel} is super excited to see you soon. We want to give you the best possible experience, that’s why you can always contact us via WhatsApp: {number}.

If you want to speed up the check-in at your arrival (and skip the boring part of filling in your information), you can check in online by clicking this link:

This way, your check-in will be only a pleasure when you arrive (welcome drink, anyone?).

See you soon,

Hostel Team


See the example below from Selina:


#3 – Exclusive Offer Email


This hostel email template includes exclusive offers, extra tours, or events that may not always be available, making it more interesting than a standard newsletter. 

These emails should also be sent at the right time of year, as it doesn’t make sense to send your guests an offer on a winter skiing trip if it is 100 degrees outside.

For your inspiration, below you will find an example of such an email from The Greenbank Hotel:



#4 – Ask for feedback email


The main goal of this email is to ask your guests to provide feedback, so you can continue improving in the future. In FrontDesk Master, you can easily automate such emails, so your guests receive them after the check-out. See how to do it here.


Dear {first name},

Thank you for staying with us. We hope you enjoyed your time with us. You can leave your review on {platform of your choice, for example, Google or TripAdvisor}.

In exchange and as a thank you, here is a unique discount code which you or your friends can use to book with us directly.

We hope to see you soon,

Hostel Team


#5 Replenish Guest Amenities Email


This template reminds guests when they’re running low on amenities such as shampoo or towels in the private rooms, which encourages them to take advantage of room service for those items.


Hi {first name},

You have only a few shampoo bottles left in your room, so we’ve ordered more from our housekeeping team to replenish them as soon as possible. If you want to speed up the delivery of these amenities, feel free to contact us via WhatsApp: {number}, and we’ll make sure they arrive within an hour! 

Best Regards,

Hostel Team


#6 Daily Housekeeping Reminder Email


This template reminds guests that housekeeping will perform their daily cleaning service at around 11 AM each day. The main goal is not just reminding people about the daily cleaning but also letting them know how many times per week you provide this service – which may influence whether they think it’s worth paying extra or not.


Hi (first name),

Our team at {name of the hostel} will be cleaning your room today between 11 AM-12 PM. 

Thank you for staying with us! 

Hostel Team


#7 Room Reassignment Email


You can send this hostel email template when guests need to move to a different room, which can happen if construction work occurs in their original room or even due to noise complaints from other guests. Plus, it’s handy if your guest is changing the room because they requested the bottom room, which wasn’t possible in the current room.

I can recall many times chasing guests because they were supposed to check out from the old room before 11 AM to make the change. So, such an email can be a true life-saver 🙂


Template 1:

Hi {first name},

We’re sorry about this inconvenience, but we needed to move you into another guest room on our property because it was noisy during night hours and now it shouldn’t be an issue anymore. If everything went OK, please let us know by replying to this message.

Best Regards,

Hostel Front Desk 


Template 2:

Hi {first name},

As you’ve requested to change the room, please remember to check-out from the current room before 11 AM. If the new room is not ready yet, we can store your luggage free of charge.

Don’t worry – even if your new room is not ready when you check out, we will place it as a top priority to clean.

Best Regards,

Hostel FrontDesk


How to automate your hotel email marketing process


In Property Management Systems like FrontDesk Master, you can find email templates and automate them, so they are delivered to your guests exactly when you want them to.

Do you want to know how to place these templates into a professional and responsive email template without HTML skills? Read the tutorial in our Help Desk library.


Email marketing in hostels is a great way to start connecting with your guests before they arrive. 


It’s all about the experience you offer them in the emails that set you apart from other hostels. For example, if one of your main selling points is having 24-hour reception desk service, then include this detail in an email for guests who want more security when they travel. If another highlight of staying at your hostel is complimentary breakfast every day, be sure to mention it, so potential customers know what to expect on their arrival date! 

You can also take advantage of seasonal holidays or even local events happening nearby as opportunities for creative content ideas in these emails.

You can choose from a variety of templates for different hotel guests. The type you want to use depends on your potential customers and what they’re looking forward to in their trip!