How a PMS Can Make Hostel Management Easier

Hostel Software Programs Free

Hostel Software Programs Free

The hospitality sector is an amalgamation of different accommodation types, let it be hotels, motels, lodges, homestays, or hostels. The challenges for most of these property types remain the same irrespective of their size. The majority thinks that running a small property is a cakewalk, especially when compared to managing a multi-site large hotel-chain. However, it couldn’t be farther than the truth.

A 30-bed dormitory or hostel may encounter the same challenges and quandaries in supervising their property as a large 300-room resort, holiday park, or hotel. Therefore, hostels and dormitories, the small yet critical stakeholder of the hospitality industry, also need technology-driven solutions to manage their property efficiently without exceeding the operation cost. 

A Property Management System or PMS can be the best option for hostel owners and managers to manage their properties. PMS is a software application specially built to streamline operations of accommodations and rental properties. You can think of it as back-office software that can help you with your hostel’s operational functions, planning, sales, etc. Continue reading to learn how using a PMS can benefit your hostel rental business.  

A PMS Can Reduce Labour Costs

Like any software, property management systems are also designed to get more done with less effort. It will allow you to take care of your accounting and preserve data in an organized way. Most PMSs can also be integrated with an integrated channel manager. This feature is highly beneficial for those with their hostels listed on multiple OTA (Online Travel Agent) platforms like hostelworld.com, gomio.com, booking.com, hostelbookers.com, etc. Once the PMS is connected with the OTAs, it will start receiving all your bookings in a single place, updating real-time availability in every channel, etc. Therefore, managing your property and online listings will become much easier for you. 

Finally, we will conclude that using a PMS will make your accounting and operations less hectic. You will need less workforce to manage your account, data, online presence, and booking. Therefore, a reduction in labour costs is guaranteed once you invest in a PMS. 

Give You Opportunity to Reach More People and Grow

As we have already explained above, you can cut labour costs and save money as a PMS user. Some hostel software programs are even free to use, at least during the trial period, which means more savings. The money you save here can be invested in marketing to reach more guests. 

Every OTA has different target customers. For example, some backpackers opt for hostelbookers.com over gomio.com, whereas others may prefer booking beds through hostelworld.com rather than booking.com. So, unless all your beds are entirely occupied, you might want to appear in more OTAs and improve your booking chances. Using a PMS can help you achieve this goal without putting in any extra effort. With your growing online visibility, you will automatically reach more people and increase your bookings simultaneously. Therefore, your business will also grow eventually. 

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Using a PMS is inevitable if you want to streamline your process, automate a major part of your operations, manage bookings, reduce labour costs, etc. Now the question is, what’s the best PMS that you can trust for managing your property? FrontDesk Master is the answer.  It is a high functioning, all-in-one PMS that can save you from administrative headaches by simplifying your operations. And the best part is you can try our hostel software programs for free for 30 days without any commitments. So, what are you waiting for? Book your free trial now to learn how we can help you excel in your hostel renting business.