Introducing Pricepoint—A mobile app for revenue management

FrontDesk Master now integrates with Pricepoint! Connect your PMS or channel manager to this user-friendly mobile app to power your revenue management.

Use dynamic pricing to increase revenue 

Airlines, OTAs, and 5-star hotels all use dynamic pricing to increase revenue. It’s a variable pricing strategy, meaning that not every customer pays the same price. Instead, prices are determined by demand at a given moment in time. Pricepoint makes it easy to apply this profitable strategy at your hostel. Using advanced data science, it pinpoints the best prices for each room type, night after night.

You don’t have to be an expert

The purpose of Pricepoint is to make revenue management accessible to everyone, not just revenue managers. So while the technology is advanced, the app is simple. It does the hard work behind the scenes, then presents you with straightforward information:

Dynamic price recommendations: Sell your beds and rooms at optimal prices.

Real-time occupancy forecasts: Get forecasts based on millions of data points.

Competitors’ rates:  Use real-time data to benchmark your property. 

Still have questions?

We are always happy to chat! Whether you already use FrontDesk Master or you’re thinking of trying our system, contact our sales manager Florencia, at [email protected]