Myths vs Facts about Online-Check-in for Hostels

“If a guest checks in online, they won’t get valuable face-time with reception.” Have you heard this before?

It’s a common misconception. 

The truth is that guests will still come to reception to collect keys and present IDs. They won’t miss out on the interactions that really matter, like tours of the property or recommendations about where to eat and what to see. 

Another myth? “Online check-in is complicated to set up.”

It takes less than 5 minutes. Click Online Guest Accounts. Click Settings. Click Enable

“Online check-in will be confusing for new staff.”

It doesn’t require lengthy training. When a guest checks in online, their details appear on your reservation form, their booking status updates on your calendar, and you get an email confirmation. 

See for yourself

We can try to debunk myths all day long, but only seeing is believing! Our one-month free trial makes it easy to try online check-in. There’s no commitment or cancellation fee.


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