Introducing the Integrated Passport & ID Scanner

Take the pressure off reception

After several successful months of testing at one of the coolest hostels in Europe, we are excited to announce that the Passport & ID Scanner is ready for shipment! Take the pressure off reception with this easy-to-use tool:

✓ Speed up check-in: Send guest details to the online reservation form in seconds. 

✓ Prevent fraud: Automatically verify that each ID is real.

✓ Improve accuracy: Eliminate manual work. No more typing means no more typos!

Just swipe the ID, and check-in is done!

Simply place a passport (or other form of ID) onto the scanner. It will automatically extract and send guest details directly to FrontDesk Master and verify that the ID is real. The scanner is compact and easier to use than mobile apps. There’s no external power supply or moving parts, just a single USB.

Still have questions?

We are always happy to chat! Whether you already use FrontDesk Master or you’re thinking of trying our system, contact our sales representative Magda, at [email protected].