Grow your direct booking channel with 


Your direct channel is the most profitable channel that you have.

Don’t miss this chance to increase your visibility and give your guests more opportunities to book your hotel or hostel directly.

When you connect your property with Google, you get:

Extra visibility without any additional advertising costs

Your official website will appear in the Google Hotel search results, just below the Google Hotel Ads

You can use it together with Google Hotel Ads, or stand-alone

Let’s get you set up

Step 1:

Update your Google My Business profile with actual photos and descriptions

Step 2:

Find an integration partner to connect with Google Hotel Search

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Real-time availability & rates updates with an all-in-one solution

Connect your hotel or hostel to FrontDesk Master to share your rates in real-time with Google users.

*Already a FrontDesk Master client? Send an email to [email protected]

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